Fringe Festival

Judging from a little over 3 weeks of being here, Adelaide is a city obsessed with festivals.  There have been 4 that I know of since I got here, and all are very popular.  One of the biggest festivals in Adelaide is called the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and just happened to start soon after I … Continue reading


About a 30 minute walk from the Village is the University of Adelaide North Terrace campus.  While the university has 2 other campuses in the city, North Terrace the main one and where I’ll have all my classes.  It’s not too large – probably about the size of William and Mary’s but there’s a lot … Continue reading


So let’s see, how to describe this city…I read somewhere that the New Yorker described it as the “last well-planned city in the world.”  They were probably right because this city is very well mapped out.  The CBD, or the Central Business District, aka “downtown” is in a grid, like NYC, but with green city … Continue reading