General Tokyo

Tokyo.  When I booked my flight and started to realize, “wow, I’m going to Tokyo,” I didn’t really know what to expect other than sky scrapers and a lot of Asian people.   My expectations were definitely met because, well, there are indeed sky scrapers and a lot of Asian people.  What I wasn’t prepared … Continue reading

Two Tokyo Temples

I’m sure you already figured it out from the title of this post, but in case you didn’t, we went to two temples in Tokyo.  The first, and one of the largest in Tokyo, was the Senso-ji Temple in the Asakusa District. It was huge and very festive.  Street vendors line the avenues leading up … Continue reading

Imperial Palace, Ramen, and Ueno Park

After the Tsukiji Fish Market, we made our way over to the Imperial Palace. I insisted that we go through the Sakurada-mon Gate – one of the only original buildings at the Imperial Palace.  It was built in 1457 and has with-stood earthquakes, fires, air raids, etc, and was magnificent.  It leads you into the … Continue reading