Australian Oddities: Potato Chips

For those of you who know me well, you know that I’m a potato chip connossieur – of sorts.  When you live off potato chips for a few years of your life as a small child, the love of a good potato chip doesn’t just go away like “that.”  The potato chip is still one … Continue reading

Australian Oddities, Part II: Everyday Life

I’ll admit, I have kind of slacked off in the blog posting, sorry about that.  There hasn’t been that much to post lately as the novelty of Adelaide has worn off and we’ve settled into life here.  Oscar, Matt, and I did, however, go to Melbourne this past weekend – where I took a lot … Continue reading

Australian Oddities

DISCLAIMER: sorry y’all but this post contains no pictures.  Read on to see why: The title kind of speaks for itself.  Australia is often compared to England and America, and it is very much like the two in many ways, however there are certain things that are uniquely Australian, and make it fun, interesting, and … Continue reading