About WorldWideWords

What started as a kind of journal to chronicle my time studying abroad in Australia and to relay the more interesting bits of my six months abroad back home to family and friends — the people and the places I experienced, and my (possibly not entirely politically correct) thoughts of being thrown into a culture so strikingly similar to, and yet so incredibly different than my own American one — keeping this blog ignited a curiosity and desire to continue the conversation, and my travels.

This blog is not a travel guide, and it is not meant to be a travel guide.  Here, you will not find much by way of practical information.  This blog is an experience because travel is an experience, not a sequence of facts and figures about ticket prices and attraction hours.  Travel is sights and sounds; it is smells and tastes; it is personalities — of people and of places at a single moment in time, through the lens of the thoughts and feelings of a single person.  On this blog, you will find that experience.  I strive to record and recreate places through words and images that will take my readers on a journey across the world.

Simply put, WorldWideWords is the ramblings and records of a travel addict in her early 20’s, with a big bucket list and a very small budget…enjoy, and let the travels continue!


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