Stranded in Bogota!

UPDATE (as of 8/27/12): no longer stranded in Bogota. We made it safe and sound back to the US after only 24 hours in Colombia.  A big thank you to John Prado and his family for taking care of us, showing us a bit of Bogota and letting us use his phone! Even though LAN (our airline) is a Chilean airline, they have a US phone number for their call center, not cool when you’re stranded anywhere but the US and no one at the airport can help you!  But we’re back, which means more time for me to write and finish up posting the rest of our Bolivian adventure…


We started our journey back to the States yesterday (the reverse of our getting-to-Bolivia flight schedule) and have gotten more of an adventure than what we bargained for!  We’re stranded in Bogota, Colombia because of Tropical Storm Isaac.  Luckily our airline gave us two nights (last night and tonight) at the lovely Sheraton Bogota.  Unluckily, our hotel credit runs out tomorrow and the next flight to Miami isn’t until Wednesday?  Hopefully we figure something out!


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