La Gran Aventura (Bolivian edition)

So today begins the big Bolivia adventure!  Well, actually, today begins the big getting-to-Bolivia adventure.  Let me explain.  Due to a little glitch around April when the first flight company we booked with not just cancelled the flight, but went bankrupt and therefore doesn’t exist anymore, we had to make new flight reservations last minute, and on a budget.  Not an easy task.  The result is a 3 day epic journey involving multiple flights, multiple cities in multiple countries.  Today, we fly out late from Richmond to Miami, spend the night in Miami then hop on a plane tomorrow to Lima, Peru, with a layover in Bogota, Colombia.  Spend the night in Lima, then get on our flights to Bolivia in the morning: first to Santa Cruz, then to La Paz, and finally ending up in Cochabamba on August 2nd.  Phew.

What exactly am I doing in Bolivia?  Half of my boyfriend’s family is from there, so I’m tagging along on the family reunion — which, for me, will be very interesting, considering I speak only slightly more than no Spanish.  We will be taking a tour of the country from the tropical Santa Cruz to Cochabamba to the high altitudes of La Paz and Lake Titicaca, visiting family and friends and, hopefully for my sake, getting in some sightseeing along the way.  I have been told that we will be going to El Salar de Uyuni at the end of the trip, Bolivia’s famous salt flats, the largest in the world, so keep checking back for posts from there!

And now, I must finish packing, and find where I put my copy of Spanish Phrases for Dummies

4 Responses to “La Gran Aventura (Bolivian edition)”
  1. Lenys Alcoreza says:

    Yes, it is definitely an adventure …. I started my trip to Bolivia this morning after 3 trips to the airport during the week to drop off the first group. When I finished packing, I called the taxi company to schedule my pick up time, they said…”ok, we will be there in 3 hours!” … Yes, an early flight, I am in Miami now and my flight to Bolivia leaves in 11 hours 🙂 … Be safe and see you there in 2 days. Lenys (Bolivian by marriage!)

  2. Maritza says:

    Ingredients for success: Tylenol PM, sleep, and water. See you soon!!

  3. Lenys Alcoreza says:

    Got to Santa Cruz, Bolivia this morning…. Very nice flight. The pointers from Maritza were right on…I slept 95% of the trip ….but missed the earlier connection by 15 minutes …the flight to Cochabamba leaves in 4 horas. I feel good and rested but the hours waiting are crazy!
    Have a safe flight to Bogota, Lima and see you tomorrow in Cocha. Love, Lenys

  4. Juan Carlos says:

    Howdy!! Here in Bolivia never is nothing happens… You´ll see, and soon you became to feel a part of it. Wild, chaotic, pure, exotic, are some of the words ussed trying to describe pur “deep Bolivia”… Waiting for you here in La Paz!

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