Footy and Mount Lofty

So even though I’m back in the States, I have a few more things about Australia to post before this blog wraps up: Oscar and I travelled to Cairns and Sydney before coming home.  But before I get to that exciting part, one last post about Adelaide.  There are two things I should talk about: footy and Mount Lofty.  They have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but I decided to put them together – mainly because I don’t have enough pictures to do a single post for each.  Anyways, let’s start with footy.

The Field

So the US has American football, the rest of the world has soccer also known as football to the rest of the world (which really makes a lot more sense if you think about it…).  Australia also has its own type of football, but to distinguish it from soccer, which they call football, they abbreviate their national football to footy.  Basically, Australia’s NFL is the AFL – Australian Football League, but it’s not soccer or American style football.  It’s Australian Football: a mixture of rugby and soccer with basically no rules.  They play on a oval field that they’ll try to tell you is absolutely enormous, but really it’s about the size of a soccer field with rounded edges.  It’s full contact, 18 players per side trying to punt the ball between the 4 goal posts on either side – one point for the outer posts, 6 points if kicked between the two big middle posts.  The ball is roughly the same shape as an American football, slightly rounder like a rugby ball and larger than an American football.  It’s bounced, carried and passed down the field, not kicked.  If you watch a game, you’re just gonna see a lot of running, passing, jumping (probably some fighting), and kicking by 36 dudes in short shorts.  And I mean short shorts.  Think basketball shorts from the ’70s.  Each state has many teams at all levels, and multiple pro clubs (it is the country’s most popular sport – it dominates Australian sport and media).  Adelaide has two pro teams: the Adelaide Crows and the Adelaide Power (from Port Adelaide, they’re not well liked by the rest of Adelaide).  Oscar and I were able to go to a local Adelaide Crows game so I got a few pictures.

Mount Lofty Overlook

Now on to Mount Lofty, which has nothing to do with footy.  Mount Lofty is just a mountain (a really big hill, really) that has great views of Adelaide.  You can see the entire plain and all the way out to the water and Glenelg.  Supposedly, on a clear day, you can see Kangaroo Island.  We didn’t go on a clear day.  In fact, despite the weather forecast that said it was going to be sunny and in the 60’s, we went on a very cold, cloudy, misty/rainy day.  We hiked down one of the trails that had some pretty flowers and I got some pictures.


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