Over Easter weekend, Mariah’s parents asked us if we had made it over to Hahndorf yet.  I’d heard about it, read something somewhere about it, but wasn’t all too interested because the place sounded really touristy.  Hahndorf is a town in the Adelaide Hills that was settled by a small group of Germans in the 1830s, and has retained it’s German cultural heritage ever since.  But, Mariah’s parents told us that we really should go, it’s a great little town with really great food, lots of corner cafes and little shops.  So, Oscar and I decided to give it a try, especially because the city metro has a bus that will take you all the way there.  And boy, was it a good decision.

It was a beautiful day for a walk in the hills too – in the upper 60’s, not incredibly sunny but not too cloudy.  The whole ride there kind of reminded me of riding the back roads to Charlottesville – windy country roads with farms and old stone houses scattered along the way.  It’s autumn over here, so all the trees are changing colors, only adding to the beauty.  It was about an hour bus ride from the city, and Hahndorf was exactly what Mariah’s parents said it would be.  Just a cute little hill town with a lot of little boutique stores, cafes and restaurants.  It was all very German too – every restaurant had a German menu, even the two Chinese places had some German dishes.

BEST meal ever

So, naturally, for lunch we had to get a German sampler.  We went to the German Arms hotel, est. in the 1830s, and I got the Trio of German Wursts and Oscar got the Beef Rouladen.  It was quite possibly the BEST meal ever.  Mine was three German sausages with spicy mustard on a bed of sauerkraut, with two potatoes smothered in some kind of mustard sauce and some vegetables.  Oscars was the same, only instead of the sausages, he had some kind of meat roll – like literally different kinds of meat rolled up with a pickle in the middle.  We ate everything.  After that, we were so full we couldn’t exactly walk around any more so we caught the bus back to Adelaide.



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