Fringe Festival

Judging from a little over 3 weeks of being here, Adelaide is a city obsessed with festivals.  There have been 4 that I know of since I got here, and all are very popular.  One of the biggest festivals in Adelaide is called the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and just happened to start soon after I got to Australia.

Fringe is a three week long festival of just about everything “fringe” – and I mean everything.   It showcases thousands of up-and-coming as well as already established artists in music, comedy, theater, dance, circus, cabaret, film, and everything in between.  It’s basically an explosion of creative energy for three weeks.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Any possible venue – theaters (both screen and stage), gardens, bars, restaurants – in Adelaide has some kind of Fringe act every night.  It’s “homebase” is one of the parks surrounding the CBD turned into a carnival called “The Garden of Unearthly Delights,” which lights up at night with everything you’d expect at a carnival – a ferris wheel and carnival games, popcorn, corn dogs, french fries (which you can get with gravy on them!), caramel apples, waffles, ice cream, burgers, soft pretzels (and now everyone knows why I’d go to a carnival…) – but instead of freak shows and fun houses, you have comedy, music, theater, etc.  Rundle Mall becomes Fringe’s daytime ad campaign, with street performers every few meters and the Fringe caravan in the middle of the mall showcasing a different entertainer just about every hour.  The whole thing is supposed to kick-off with the Fringe Parade, which is supposed to happen at night, but unfortunately the one this year had to take a literal rain-check and happened the 2nd to last weekend of the festival, and during the day, which also happened to be the hottest day we’ve had in about 2 weeks.  It was fun, though, and I got some good pictures:

Indiana Jones on a giant pole juggling firey torches

Fringe Parade


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