Vegemite and Kangaroo Tacos

Vegemite – everyone tells you you have to try this stuff when you go to Australia, half-joking because we’ve all heard how awful it is.


What is it?  According to Wikipedia, it’s a “dark brown Australian food paste made from yeast extract,” which is a by-product of beer manufacturing.  Sounds just as disgusting as it tastes – meaning I’ve tried the stuff.

Vegemite Toast

Oscar tried it first, spreading the stuff like jelly over a piece of toast, and I wish I caught a picture of his face when he tried it.  However, once we met real Australians, we learned the proper way to eat Vegemite: toast the bread slightly beyond “lightly toasted,” spread it with butter then scrape a very, very thin amount of Vegemite over top so that it’s kind of patchy.  My roommate from Victoria, Mariah, made me my first Vegemite the true Australian way…aaaaannnnddd…drum role…it was still pretty awful.  It’s very bitter – you can’t really compare the taste to anything because it’s so unique.  It’s just Vegemite – and just not very good at all.  However, I hear it’s an acquired taste and I can see how if you grew up with it, you’d like it and maybe even crave it.

That same day I tried Vegemite, Oscar and I decided to try kangaroo.

Kangaroo Tacos

Kangaroo – that cute fuzzy creature that hops around the Outback is actually eaten over here.  There are butchers at the Central Market that only sell kangaroo so we got a bit and made tacos for dinner.  It wasn’t that bad, it was actually kind of good!  Reminded me of beef only much leaner.

Other than those two novelties, Australians don’t seem to have any wild wacky food stuffs.  They essentially have the same, and eat the same things we do in America.  They do eat a lot of lamb though, and they love fish and chips, both probably stemming from their British Isles heritage.  Other than that, nothing terribly exciting in regards to food, but I’ll let y’all know when I try emu.  And crocodile.


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