About a 30 minute walk from the Village is the University of Adelaide North Terrace campus.  While the university has 2 other campuses in the city, North Terrace the main one and where I’ll have all my classes.  It’s not too large – probably about the size of William and Mary’s but there’s a lot more packed into a small space.  The buildings are taller, the green spaces are smaller, but it still has the feel of a campus rather than a city university.  It occupies it’s own block with only a few buildings outside that block.  It kind of reminds me of Duke University, only more exotic – many of the buildings are that Gothic revival style situated around green lawns, however the library is more Georgian and there are newer, more contemporary towers as well.

University of Adelaide

The campus is between the South Australia Gallery and the Botanical Gardens, so breaks between classes will be well spent, especially because their library doesn’t quite compare to Swem.  In fact, it is kind of a disappointment after 2 and a half years of living in Swem.  Not in terms of number of books (they have just as many books as William and Mary and they participate in a share program with the other 3 universities in the city), it’s because of the general feel of the place.  The original building is beautiful – a large, old, open book hall with tables in the middle and a 20 foot ceiling and windows and no airconditioning so it really is completely quiet in there – but it’s like they just tacked on buildings in whatever style of the time as they acquired more books.  Short-ceilinged buildings with not very many windows.  (Gosh, I’m describing the library, could I be more twampy?).

Anyways, behind the university (so north of the university?) is the river and park space.  Across that river are all the university playing fields.  They don’t have so-called varsity sports for the university – all sports are club teams, a very long list of them ranging from normal ones like soccer and baseball to Australian ones like footie (Australian rules footbal) and cricket to surfing and board sports to riflery.


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  1. Maritza says:

    Beautiful! You are so lucky 🙂

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