So let’s see, how to describe this city…I read somewhere that the New Yorker described it as the “last well-planned city in the world.”  They were probably right because this city is very well mapped out.  The CBD, or the Central Business District, aka “downtown” is in a grid, like NYC, but with green city squares with fountains every  few blocks or so.

Victoria Square is the largest one, in the middle of the CBD, and the Village, where I live is about 3 blocks away.  The whole downtown area is surrounded by parkland, with a river running through the park lands north of CBD.  Opposite that river, but still in the CBD, is the University of Adelaide, the State Library, the South Australia Gallery, the Botanical Gardens, the railroad that takes you to coastal towns close by, and probably some other stuff that I haven’t seen yet.  It’s not that far of a walk anywhere, but the public transportation is very efficient.  The whole city has an open, green feel, not too large, not too tall, not too crowded.  There’s a bus system that runs in the city and the surrounding area (that I haven’t quite figured out) and a trolley that runs North-South from the farthest North point of the city all the way down to Glenelg Beach.  It’s about a 15 minute trolley ride from Victoria Square, the closest trolley stop to the Village, to the beach, and it literally deposits you on the beach.

Weather – it’s been between 25 and 35 degrees.  Celsius, that is.  It is weird getting used to that and the metric system.  30 degrees just sounds so cold to me!  But it’s really between the upper-70s and low-90s Fahrenheit.  It rains every once in a while, cooling everything down for a couple days before it starts getting warm again.

Where I live – the Village, 210 Grote Street, Adelaide, South Australia.  It’s about a 30 or 40 minute walk to campus and is right across the street from Chinatown and the Adelaide Central Market.  Both of which are absolutely wonderful places.  By Chinatown, I mean Asia-town: it occupies one avenue lined with Asian grocery stores, 2 food courts of, yes, Asian food, and lots of little Asian restaurants, my favorite right now being Dumpling King but I mean to try Hong Fat BBQ Restaurant in the near future.  While the grocery stores don’t sell the ramen I’m used to, I’m pretty sure by living so close to Asiatown I’ll be able to satisfy my ramen cravings.  Chipotle, on the other hand, might be a bit more difficult.

The Adelaide Central Market is basically an enormous daily farmer’s market with butchers, bakers, (though no candlestick makers…), fresh produce stands, deli meat and cheese vendors, fresh fish vendors, each with a different specialty but all selling South Australia products.  My favorite, after the deli meat stand that has pitted Kalamata olives for $2 a container (and you get a LOT of them too), would have to be the “exotic meats” vendor, which doesn’t have any of your usual meats like beef, pork or chicken, but instead sells kangaroo, emu, crocodile, alpaca, possum (yikes), quail, duck, venison…and a whole long list of other meats.  Oscar and I got a bit of kangaroo the other day and had kangaroo tacos for dinner.  Don’t worry, I documented the episode well and will post that soon.  Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Adelaide”
  1. Lenys says:

    Que linda ciudad …esperaba ansiosa que escribieras sobre Adeleide…ahora puedo conocer el lugar donde estaran hasta julio. Muy bonito….que haran cuando no tengan tantas opciones de carnes al regresar a casa?

    Sigan disfrutando …los extrañamos mucho.
    Un beso grande y todo nuestro amor.

  2. Maritza says:

    Wow it looks great! You MUST document eating ALL of the different kinds of meat. Keep this up.. you’re doing a great job documenting your trip. I feel like I’m at all these places with you guys.. at least I’m trying to feel that way instead of feeling incredibly envious 😦

    I sent you guys a package on Thursday (2/24) which you should receive soon! Be on the lookout 🙂

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