Grampians to Adelaide

After the Great Ocean Road, we made our way up toward Grampians, where we were supposed to stay the night at a backpackers hostel called Tim’s Place (thank you Caroline for the recommendation!).  We were pretty soon in a ‘prairie’ like countryside – incredibly flat and practically nothing for miles save for cows and sheep and a roadhouse every once in a while.  Because it was pretty flat and deserted, and because I’d been driving since 7 that morning, I decided it was time for Oscar to learn to drive stick shift.  How did he do?  Well, we’re both still alive so I’d say he did pretty dang good!  Anyways, we’d been driving for probably an hour in country before we saw it in the distance – Grampians.  Grampians is a mountain range in the middle of Victoria (the state next to South Australia, where we were headed).  It literally just rises up out of the flat fields and looks like it’s far off in the distance until you’re right up in the mountain range.

Grampians in the Distance

We got to Tim’s Place around 4, which is the most adorable backpackers lodge I’ve seen (granted, I haven’t seen a lot of them but this place is adorable).  Run by a guy – Tim (go figure) – and his old dog Pudding, it’s a small, homey, very clean little hostel at the base of the mountains, in the middle of Grampians National Park.  After our tour of the facilities (the dorm room, the kitchen, and where the bathrooms are), Tim recommended a climb up the mountain in the backyard to see the wildlife, “waterfall,” a cliff-lookout area that apparently had spectacular views.  And he was right about everything – we saw the “waterfall” (a steady trickle down the rock face of the mountain), a lot of interesting plants and a kangaroo hopped right past us on the trail (SO COOL!).  Once we got to the cliff, the view was just breathtaking.


At 6 the next morning, we were on our way to Adelaide, watching the sun rise over Grampians and trying desperately to find anything on the radio other than talk shows – which were actually kind of interesting because everything was in Aussie language.  About 6 hours later, we were driving down the windy hill-roads into Adelaide!



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